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Have you or a family member been bitten or injured by a dog bite? If you have suffered injuries due to a dog or other animal attack, we can help seek compensation for your medical bills, pain or suffering, lost wages and other costs, etc. Our dog bite lawyers at Moseley & Martinez are ready to fight for you and your rights. We understand the challenges and costs of personal injury cases from dog bite cases and we are prepared to get you the compensation that you deserve.

The CDC keeps track of non-fatal and fatal dog bites in the United States. Dog-related injuries in the United States make up around 1/3 of the money paid out from homeowners insurance liability claims each year. Postal services workers report thousands of attacks annually, and thousands of people in Indiana and across the country need reconstructive surgery due to dog bites and the subsequent injuries.

In the United States millions of dog bites are reported each year. 

Liability and Negligence In Indiana For Dog Bites

In Indiana, dog owners can be held liable for injuries caused by their dog for biting another person if they “knew or should have known” that the dog was predisposed to attack. However, this does not apply to U.S. postal carriers, police officers, or other state, local, and federal officials. If your dog bites someone who’s peaceably carrying out their “official duties”, then you are liable for the damages caused.

Most dogs give warning signs when they are stressed:

  • Actions like yawning, shaking, placing the tail between the legs and licking lips are signs of stress
  • Avoid eye contact – dogs may see eye contact as a challenge to their power or control
  • Be careful around dogs that are eating or have a toy they may want to protect
  • Do not bother a dog that is sleeping
  • Stay calm – do not yell or make loud noises, these can make a dog attack

Dog bite victims, other than a minor have two years from the date of the bite or attack to file a claim.

If it has been over two years, the lawsuit can no longer be pursued. If the victim intentionally or accidentally provoked the dog, then the claim may be defensible under Indiana law.

If a victim is not lawfully on the owner’s property, then a claim can be blocked. If the victim is invited onto the owner’s property as a guest, then you are lawfully permitted on the property. However, if the victim is trespassing or committing another crime in most cases the damages of a dog bite or other injury will not be recoverable.


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