Semi-Truck Brake Failures & Fatal Crashes

There is a shocking number of semi-trucks, big rigs, tractor trailer trucks, and 18 wheelers being driven today that have faulty braking systems and are dangerously flawed. Truckers depend on their braking systems to be reliable, especially when they drive at high speeds on interstate roads. A minor brake failure can result in loss of control and result in a fatal semi-truck crash. Fatal accidents caused by failing truck brakes are a danger and a serious concern for commercial truck drivers and other drivers on the road.

500,000 Semi Trucks Impacted By Brake Failures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced they have received several complaints of faulty and dangerous brakes in semi-trucks being driven. These semi-trucks were manufactured by Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems. They were mostly installed in 2015-2020 Peterbilt and Kenworth rigs. The issue with these specific braking systems in these semi-trucks is the high chance that they will fail and cause the truck to burst into flames. Current estimates guess that around 500,000 semi-trucks containing these Haldex brake systems are actively operating on our roads. No one has died so far from injuries because of these Haldex brake failure caused fires.

Semi-Truck Brake Failure Recalls

Flawed brake systems on driven semi-trucks are not rare. Two recalls came from Navistar of 1400 commercial trucks in April and May 2021 because of two reasons. The first reason was that their brake systems didn’t comply with The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 121(air brake systems) that impacted 845 rigs. The second reason for this recall was because 615 rigs had brakes that had brake failures causing the parking brake to engage with no warning. Spring brake application that is unintended may occur and increased the risk of a crash in these rigs. An air leak can also occur from a hole being in the diaphragm, causing engagement of the parking brake, also increasing a risk of a crash.

May 26th is Brake Safety Day

Brake Safety Day is a day of the year where an unannounced truck inspection is done by government inspectors. Commercial vehicles brake systems are inspected to reduce the amount of highway crashes that are caused by faulty braking systems. Drivers, mechanics, and owner-operators are also educated on the important of a proper brake inspection, operation, and maintenance. One of the most important systems within a commercial motor vehicle is the braking system, but for some reason, violations that are brake related are at the top of the running in out of service conditions. On May 26, 2021, inspectors performed 10,091 brake inspections on commercial motor vehicles and ended up pulling 1273 big rigs, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, and tractor trailers off the road because of brake system failures.

Brake Failure Related Semi-Truck Crashes in Indiana

For people suffering serious bodily injury from motor vehicle accidents and the accident victim advocates know all too well how traumatic any collision involving a commercial truck is. These big trucks share the roads with other semi-trucks and smaller vehicles such as pickups, minivans, sedans, and SUV’s and often are moving at high speeds as they move freight through the country. It takes longer for these big commercial trucks to come to a stop. But if the brakes fail in any way, the likelihood that a tragic death will occur in an accident is unacceptably high.

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