Serious or Deadly Farm Accidents In Indiana

In Indiana, farming is a big business, being the 8th largest agricultural exporter in the U.S and the 10th largest farming state in the nation.  There are 4,200,000 hogs and over 950,000 acres of crops in the state of Indiana. Many people in Indiana participate in local farming operations, and most of them are on smaller farms. Unfortunately, these farmworkers face a high risk of permanent serious bodily injury and death.

In the agricultural industry, more bodily injuries occur to farmworkers on the job than any other business enterprise. The agricultural industry includes fishing and hunting, farming, and forestry sectors. These sectors involve workers growing crops, logging, and raising or harvesting animals from a ranch, farm, or their natural habitats.

Deadly Farming Accidents

Farmworkers can be killed or severely injured in a wide variety of incidents, so they can’t be easily categorized. These accidents include electrical burns or electrocution, dangerous machinery accidents, falls, and large livestock. Many farms use electrical equipment, and this has a risk of fatal electrocution and serious burns caused by electrical equipment for farm employees. Heavy machinery and tools have a possibility that they will fail and cause serious harm including, augers, combines, balers, mowers, loaders, tractors, and pickers. Agricultural employees sometimes will need to work at a height that can result in a fatal or serious fall that includes falling while working with livestock, windmills, silos, ladders, roofs, machinery, and truck beds. Many workers have duties that include working with bulls, horses, cows, sheep, and other large animals who are very unpredictable. Livestock can charge toward you and horses and goats can kick and injure you. Animal handling injuries can heavily injure and cause serious damage. Biting, goring, ramming, bucking off, scratching, crushing, knocking down, kicking, and penning can all occur from animals while handling them.

Farm Safety is Needed

During the third week of September, National Farm Safety and Health Week has been observed since 1944. The agricultural sector is both mentally and physically demanding. It is one of the most industries to work in America. Despite the many challenges they face, dedicated ranchers, farmers, and farmworkers work around the clock and put their lives and loved ones’ lives at risk to provide food on the table to families and individuals across the country. They should not have to risk death, illness, or injury while they are on the job. We must protect and support these workers and promote safety for them and their families. We must work to reduce the risk of injuries, accidents, and fatalities.

Justice For Farming Accident Victims

Farming is vital to our local state economies. Many people depend on the agricultural industry to provide for their families and earn an honest living. Unfortunately, there are many dangers associated with farming and they haven’t changed or improved in over a decade. Many local farmworkers in Indiana work on small farms. These farms are not federally overseen and investigated when a serious or deadly accident occurs. These victims and their families must depend on alternative remedies according to state law when a serious farm accident happens. If you or a loved one is a victim of a farming accident and has been injured while working in Indiana, you may have a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim. We support the awareness and justice for our local agricultural workers and farmers who are risking their lives to support our economy.

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